Monday, January 26, 2015

Secret's Out!

Well the secret is out...I am finally 12 weeks and am able to safely tell everyone that we are indeed expecting! We posted the news on fb and ig and I told my boss and coworkers today. We couldn't be more relieved to have that big secret off our backs. I was so happy with how everyone reacted. We really felt the love from all our family and friends.

Here is our announcement:

I'm So Pregnant Shirt:  Hello Apparel

Now to start my bump updates.  Looking forward to the next 28 weeks! :)

How far along? 12 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I actually have lost 1.5 lbs. since finding out we were expecting. I guess all that nausea and vomiting took it's toll.
Maternity clothes? None - yet! I have however noticed that my jeans are getting pretty hard to button and towards the end of the day, they always end up unbuttoned and hidden by my shirt. I have been wearing a lot of leggings and pikos. :)
Stretch Marks? None and I hope I do not get any! I have been using vitamin E lotion after my shower every day, so I hope that helps!
Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good, except for the 3-5 times I get up in the night to pee. However, I act as though I get no sleep. I am tired 24/7 and usually get in bed around 9 (old lady status). - I also have been having weird dreams lately (weird and random, like random people - the people you are only fb friends with - that I barely talk to are in my dreams). Weird, I know.
Best moment this week: Our 12 week ultrasound was last Thursday and we got to see little baby a - so amazing! Also, telling everyone our secret we have kept for the past 8 weeks!
Have you told family and friends: Yes! Everyone knows now! pheww!
Miss anything? Turkey sandwiches and hot dogs! I have been craving a turkey sandwich from Jersey Mike's and a hot dog for weeks and it kills me that I can't have them. - Oh and cookie dough! :(
Movement: None yet, but we got to see baby move at the ultrasound! It is so crazy that I can't feel all those flips and kicks yet!
Food Cravings: This week so far I am craving: Cheez-Its, fruit smoothies, and edamame!
Anything making you queasy or sick? coke or anything carbonated really. Sprite is the only one I can really drink and that was just at the movies on Saturday. I drink water all day every day.
Have you started to show yet? A little bump/bloat so far - basically looks like I ate a few too many sweets, which is quite possibly true. 
Gender Prediction: Girl (my poppy). Daddy thinks Boy but I think that is more of a hope than a prediction! ;)
Labor signs? No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: A little of both. Mostly happy (my husband would beg to differ). I did have an emotional breakdown on Saturday night because I was hungry and nothing tasted good and I just felt ugly.
Weekly Wisdom: Always take your heartburn medicine! I forgot it yesterday morning and I had heartburn and a stomach ache all night!
Looking forward to: Getting a bigger bump and finding out the gender! :)

Here is the best ultrasound picture we got last Thursday! He/she had a strong heartbeat of 161 bpm and was moving like crazy. Also, looks like baby a has already got the duck face down. ;)

I can't wait to see this little face in person! I love LBA so much already! :)


  1. Look at that precious profile! 😍

  2. Hi Baby Anderson! This is your Aunt Linda. Your mommy use to call me Dinna when she was little, but I look forward to hearing your little voice and what you might call me. We are so excited to add you to our wonderful family. We will support your mom and dad in every way they need and look so forward to the journey. While you are in your mommy's belly growing big and strong, we will take extra care of her. You are going to have the best parents any baby could hope for. I already love you so much and it is so exciting to see you grow. I will be keeping my eye on you. I love you little baby Anderson. :)

  3. As excited as I am for you, this blog is WAY too much like 'Little Baby Garvin' (Jessica Garvin's blog. Your chalkboard is identical to her announcement chalkboard with her first, your blog posts are exactly like hers (and it sounds a lot like her), not to mention you even have the chalkboard background like her blog. I've been following her since her first pregnancy after I found her on Pinterest, and while I think she is clever you can do a lot better than this. I think most people who have looked at her blog know this is a dub of hers.

    1. imitation is the sincerest of flattery

    2. I think it's so uncool of you to make a comment on this blog. If you look, there are so many blogs that are like this. This is a wonderful woman trying to express her happiness about her pregnancy and she should be able to do it, anyway she likes.

    3. Where did you get your chalkboard or how did you make it?
      Chalkboard tutorial post can be found here!

      What kind of chalk do you use?
      Crayola chalk or sidewalk chalk, really everything I've used has turned out pretty much the same. I do not use chalk markers or paint.

      Do you use stencils or a projector for chalk designs?
      It is all freehand, it just takes lots of practice & patience. Art, drawing & lettering are all passions of mine that I have been doing for years, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't come to you right away! :)

      This is from Jessica Garvin's blog.

    4. Jessica Garvin seems to encourage people to use her ideas with chalkboard. :) Obviously, she's not a hater.

    5. Alyssa Kendrick quit being a TROLL!! If your friend is the Mother of Baby Jesus then your claim that Whitney copied ideas would be valid. Either way.....I could care less if she copies her posts, her pictures, her names, her themes whatever this new Mother wants in her life, I want too. The use of Little Baby (insert last name) was not developed by your friends imagination. The use of ideas from Pintrest is not classified only for your friends use.
      Your hatred is not welcome here Alyssa the Troll. I think you have E-Thug issues, and you could benefit by Trolling some E-Thug blogs. Pregnancy blogs are obviously not well suited for your issues.

    6. Never mess with a Pooh Bear I say. :)

    7. Alyssa would you be so kind to tell me where you are so i can come knock some sense into you. My sister is having a baby she can do whatever she wants. No one cares about your friend on this page. And no one talks to my sister like that. So my suggestion is to get off this blog and hopefully my sister blocks your immature self you selfish selfish person!

    8. Get a life Alyssa! Whitney is one of the most creative women ever! And heads up, as much as I love Jessica Garvin and her blog.. She did not create the chalkboard OR the term "Little Baby _"

    9. Thank you everyone for the kind words, some people can be so rude. You guys are awesome! thanks again! I love you all!

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Whitney, this is the most unique and beautiful blog I have ever seen. What's Pinterest for if not to get ideas from other unique and gifted people. I love you and it's too bad someone who doesn't even know you cares to comment on your special page. You keep this just like it is, and don't worry about the haters. You are amazing! :)

  5. I love you. And this blog. And baby "A" slash Baby poppy seed. You do you, girl. I'm so excited to keep reading!! - Morghen

    1. I agree with Morghen. :) I love you too! And baby poppy jo. :)

  6. I love you and i love that you're doing this blog. So neat. I can't wait to meet baby a and be aunt jade im still getting used to that!

  7. Ha hahahaha she was called a troll. I don't know who said that, but I heart them. Also. To the person who asked where that troll lived, I heart you as well. To the troll themselves, what person thinks that Pinterest ideas aren't going to be replicated multiple ways? Ugh. I dislike people. Whitney this is cute!! Makes my uterus hurt. Can I just have your munchkin? lol

  8. SO SO SO excited for you guys! <3 I know when we find out we're pregnant, I'm gonna be ALL over Pinterest pinning EVERYTHING! hahaha